… I feel that I am being really taken care of as a client…. Overall I have a sense that a well-oiled machine is on top of my business

Amy Wentrack
Employee Benefits Client

…employees we have had the pleasure to work with there have always had a professional and friendly service. A refreshing change for us in the construction business!

Kathy Heuer
DH Construction
Commercial Insurance Client

Rob and I were talking about you just recently and about how much we love you and your company. I know as a business owner that you can never receive too many complements. I want to tell you how much I enjoy working with Kelly McCrone. She is always chipper and on top of things. She’s always looking ...Read More

Colleen Galacz
Personal Insurance Client

Our basement was flooded by the enormous sewer back-up this past summer that affected Warren and surrounding cities. We had a foot of dirty water take out our fridge, furniture, carpet and many, many items. After the initial shock of seeing all out things floating about, I made my way to the file ...Read More

Mike Nank
Personal Insurance Client

I have been buying insurance for 30 years. No one has ever taken the time to ask me the questions you did today and our meeting has been a valuable use of my time. I finally feel the value of a relationship with my insurance agent.

DAC Member
Personal Insurance Client

Baker-Hopp & Associates has been my risk management and insurance firm for over 20 years. I learned early on in business to surround myself with the best team of advisors I could find and the Baker-Hopp team has always been at the top of my list.

I have never worked with anyone as proactive ...Read More

Kevin Schoensee
President, Paragon Technologies, Inc.
Employee Benefits Client

In my position there are not enough hours in the day to be the expert in everything. Within the small business world individuals are required to wear many hats and still be the experts at everything within their grasp. In order to accomplish this I surround myself and our company with experts we ...Read More

Brian Hinkle
Sr. Vice President, SAS Global Corporation
Commercial Insurance Client

I know that any questions I have will be taken care of and answered promptly and authoritatively. You want to make certain that this is one piece of your life that is in order so you can just leave it there and pretty much forget about it and not worry. It’s the personal service that I get through ...Read More

Long-term Personal Insurance Client

We switched to Baker-Hopp because they took a personal interest in our business to make sure they supplied us with an insurance package that covered our needs. I would recommend them because they are friendly, dependable, and competent, and I don’t have to worry about missing coverage. I also ...Read More

Lynette Galvinsky
Commercial Insurance Client

Shannon has just been super; she’s part of the family.

Gary Graniti
Personal Insurance Client

Baker-Hopp is very proactive versus other agents that we’ve had that were reactive. They’re just not showing up at the annual renewal, they’re actually actively engaged throughout the year. It is as if they were in the office with us, without question. They have a very solid team, whether it’s ...Read More

David Hanley from Alidade Capital
Commercial Insurance Client