Employee Benefits

What we do:

Choosing health and life protection can be both confusing and costly. At BakerHopp, we are dedicated to making benefit selection and management as easy and cost-effective as possible. Our trained and highly-responsive Benefits Department consults and advises on all medical and ancillary benefit plan options, both employer-sponsored and voluntary, as well as the many other employee benefit services currently available in today’s marketplace. We are committed to helping you design the ideal benefit portfolio for your unique needs, and to communicating with your employees to maximize the investment in your employee benefits.

BakerHopp offers services and products that provide security and create peace of mind. Our Employee Benefits Department represents all major medical providers, and our in-house experts are available to assist you with benefit plan selections, annual benefit plan renewals, the annual open-enrollment process, claims resolution, and billing and account issues. In addition, we offer a variety of other professional services including:

  • Benchmarking
  • Benefits administration
  • Healthcare reform and legislative compliance assistance
  • Customer communication tools/services
  • Technology-based human resource tools
  • Wellness and health risk management consulting

How we do it:

Employee Benefit Plan Selection and Management

We have been partnering with premier health and life carriers since 1990, successfully aligning clients with employee benefit programs that provide maximum benefits for employers and employees alike. Over the years, our mission has not changed, but the conversation has evolved. Today, more than ever, the management of employee benefits programs and communication with employees is paramount to our clients’ success.

Risk Management

The BakerHopp Risk Assessment is a comprehensive question and answer session between you and a highly-qualified resident risk advisor who will design and customize plans specifically suited to your business, and identify risks and priorities based upon:

  • An understanding of your current and past employee benefit plans
  • An assessment of company-culture and corresponding needs with regard to retaining and attracting employees
  • Required compliance with Health Care Reform laws and other governmental regulations
  • A determination of budget priorities for the current and future plan years

Once the risks and priorities have been identified, we will analyze your current benefit portfolio against those risks – providing competitive options from our highly-rated partner carriers and preparing a complete Executive Summary that includes practical and easy-to-implement complimentary risk solutions.

Manage your business. Let BakerHopp manage your risks.